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Talitha Macti're

Post by Talitha Macti're on Tue May 15, 2012 4:01 pm

Name: Talitha Macti're
Rank: Lycan
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Age: 200 years old

Skills: Can change from human to Lycan at will and stop the change at the full moon if desired. Can jump at least 50 yards easily. Run at least 30mph. Capable of calling other Lycans to herself and can feel the 'pack mind'.

Background: Talitha was born in the Western US the progeny of a Blackfoot woman Nokis and an Irish settler named Sean Macti're 200 years ago. Oddly his last name meant wolf in Gaelic. They lived on a small homestead where the couple were farmers who also raised a few cattle and horses. One night a strange noise could be heard in the barn, and Talitha's mother's eyes raised with fear. She begged Sean to remain inside and not go out to investigate the disturbance. He however took his Colt and went out to the barn. A loud howl rang in the night and Nokis cried out knowing that there was something wrong.

Talitha who was ten at the time tried to go help her Father but Nokis held her back. Suddenly a loud growl could be heard and an immense creature filled the doorway to the homestead. Nokis tried to protect Talitha but with one slash of the huge creature's claws Nokis' was silenced forever. She fell dead blood splattering the little girl. The creature roared and entered the room as Talitha screamed and tried to run. A paw with a great claw slashed at her leaving a long bloody welt down her back.

Suddenly the sound of drums and chanting could be heard in the night. The creature fled into the darkness and Talitha fainted. When she awoke she was no longer at home but in a teepee surrounded by warriors and a Shaman. These were her mother's people the Blackfoot and they had been following the creature under the moonlight. Now the Shaman chanted as he attempted to stave off the curse he knew would ensue. Talitha healed and stayed with the Blackfoot and at first it appeared that the Shaman had succeeded and she would not become a werewolf. But when puberty arrived Talitha changed and became the fearsome creature of legend. The village elders trapped her in a cage, until the full moon passed. Rather than kill her the Blackfoot chief exiled her from his tribe. She was his grand daughter, Nokis being his youngest daughter. She fled into the plains and fended for herself for a long time.

Eventually she met another werewolf and realized she could hear his mind. Being the Grand daughter of a chief had given her great power as a werewolf and now she became the leader of the Lycans.
Talitha Macti're
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Re: Talitha Macti're

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