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Elliot Lyall

Post by Elliot Lyall on Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:18 pm

Name: Elliot Lyall
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Lycan
Family : Unknown
Skills: Transformation between and wolf and human.Hunting. Paramedic by trade as a human. Tracking abilities are rudimentry. Endurance when running or jogging long distances. Night vision. Sensitive hearing.
Weapons: A bow of which he his highly accurate. Various types of guns as well.
Description :

Wolf Description:

BackStory: Born on the streets Elliot never had much for family or friends because he was always considered to be different from all the other kids. He spent his days playing by himself and spent his nights in a park that wasn't far from where he would search for food every day. He was indeed homeless that was until he a family saw him and took him home with them. They gave him a family to be a part of. He had clothes, food, somewhere warm to sleep. It was all that he had ever wanted. That was until he learned of the secreat passage that was in his fathers office.

Elliot walked down the stairs to a room that was deep under the house. In it he saw all sorts of animals who were being kept in what looked like giant test tubes. Not realizing that he had been followed he looked around until his father caught his hand as he was about to touch one of the tubes. "Im so happy that you have found out my hidden lab son now I can now start the next phase of my research. Elliot wasn't brought to the house because the family felt sorry for him it was because orphans are much easier to kidnap if no one will be looking for you. His so called father wanted to use him as a test subject for his new serium that he was going to be testing. His father was trying to cure what he thought was a disease called lycanthropy. Now it wasn't a disease but a genetic alteration of the persons being that could not be reversed. Little was known as to why but Elliot's mother apparently was one of the strongest Lycan's he had ever encountered and this man wanted to study her. She was however killed in the vampire lycan war that was going on around the time of his birth.

Now that he was of age that his Lycan powers were developing his "Father" hoped that he would finally get the chance to study the Lycan that he had so longed to back then. He just needed to ensure that Elliot was as strong as his mother was then he would be able to start the supression meds to see what worked and what didn't. Elliot went through years of various drug trials until one day he was able to break free of his cell. His father was trying a new drug type that he hoped would suspress his abilitys almost compleatly but it didn't take effect like he had hoped so Elliot a teenager now was able to gather enough strength to get away.

Manageing to get a job he worked his way through collage and was not a paramedic for the city. He used his extra senses to help those who needed it most when he could but that was as close to transforming as he got these days. For durring his escape and durring the trials some drugs wouldn't surpress the genes but enhance them making him loose control of his own body and letting his animalistic nature take over his body. In doing so he had killed many that he felt were friends. He wasn't the only person his father had captive after all.

For part of the tests his father would pit two people aginst each other in a death battle and those who won got nothing but more heart break and hatred towards the man who was useing them as labrats. Elliot was almost ready to give up like so many before him had and just let someone else get a lucky shot that would end his life and his misery when he escaped. But the years of isolation and violance had already taken its toll on him.

In light of his current job he also moonlighted as an investigator of sorts. He was trying to find a way to take out an anti lycan group in the area but he couldn't get any leads until one of his buddies was talking on the phone before answering a call about a meeting that would be taking place this weekend. He knew it was a long shot but he also knew that he needed to check out any lead. So he decided he would go there on that date but 30-60 mins after his friend had said that way he would be able to get some info but not be noticed hopefully.
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Re: Elliot Lyall

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Nice job


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