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Vampire Elder Krill

Post by Cameron Krill on Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:24 pm

Name: Cameron Krill
Rank: Vampire Elder
Age: 300 Years
Eye Color: Blue (but when enraged red)
Hair Color: Black
Abilities: Can jump from a 10 story building. Can run a speed of nearly 60 MPH. Excellent fighting abilites either hand to hand or with his sword. Like all vampires he can turn any human to a vampire but only the elders possess the skill to read their memories as well.

Cameron Krill was born in the year 1710 he was born into a middle class family and his family worked for King Victor before his became a vampire. After his transformation the family left out of fear, when Cameron was of the age of 18 he came arcoss a group of people trying to rob a woman Cameron attempted to scare them off one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed Cameron in the gut then they all took off. The young woman walked up to him and tried to help him but his was losing too much blood the young girl then said to him I have a way for you to live but there is a price to pay do you accept this? Cameron not wanting to die nodded his head then the girl lifted his head and bit him on the neck Cameron screamed in pain and he tried to escape but the girl just held him tighter soon the screams became moans and there was silence as Cameron fadded into death. Moments later he was reborn as a vampire, she laid down the rules of the vampires like staying out of the sun light and everything else that is bad for the vampires. She then informed him about Victor as being the head vampire and capturing Lycans and using them as slave labor.

Several years pass Cameron was working with Victors clan then was transferred to the new world in the year 1848 he still looked like he was in his late 20's but he was in fact 138. He helped with several american wars, until the vampires then decided to let the humans fight for themselves. All the vampires in his area lived in a section of NY where the locals decided to only feed on large animals but only the ones in their slaughter houses. Cameron moved up in the ranks of the vampires he became second in command of the blood pack in the new world. In the year 2000 his commander was killed by Lycans while Cameron was on a detail to protect the elder in America. After this Cameron then became head of the American Blood Pack.

Some time later all the members of the Vampire council and elders was killed off by Kraven a person Cameron wanted to kill several years ago but could never get close to him, it wasn't until his death that Cameron realized that it was Kraven that caused this to happen. Ten years after Victor and Markus was killed Cameron was left in charge of the covens by Saleen as she took off with the hybrid to locations unknown. Without a word from either one of them Cameron then formed a new vampire council placing himself as an elder since he was in fact the oldest among them but was also determined by combat powers.

As the new leader of the Vampire clan, Cameron merged the clans from the old world and the new world under one banner. His own banner to erase the stain of Victors lies and fallen blood. Cameron even took it one step farther he also set in motion a treaty with the Lycans a treaty that has lasted for nearly 17 years. He helpd the Lycans establish their own council and elders and helped them with other matters that might've resulted in the humans discovering both races. To this day he still runs the vampires and works closely with the head Lycan.
Cameron Krill
Vampire Leader
Vampire Leader

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