Underworld's Timeline

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Underworld's Timeline

Post by Cameron Krill on Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:46 pm

Set 30 years after the movies, the main character either died or have been killed during the Vampire Lycan war. Once most of his clan was killed Cameron Krill stepped up and had a meeting with the Lycan council to form a treaty. So far this has worked and there hasn't been any Lycan/Vampire battles for nearly 15 years. Cameron Krill has risen to the rank of Vampire Elder after the death of the last remaining Elder from the old world. The Vampire convens are now operated by a council that oversee's the new and old worlds. The Vampire's and Lycans continue with their treaty but none has forgotten that so many people was lost that each people held dear. Tensions continue to rise can the Vampire/Lycan treaty continue or will a new war be unleashed?
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